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Where Clients Are Like Family: Don't Settle for Less

At Trolman, Glaser & Lichtman, our clients receive the same care and consideration we'd provide to members of our own familes. Our staff is friendly and helpful, which eases the stress that can accompany a lawsuit. Our clients have suffered psychological and physical traumas, so we go the extra mile to put them at ease when we visit with them if they can't leave home, or when they call or visit us.

When our attorneys consider whether to take on a case, our only concerns are seeking a successful outcome for a seriously injured person, with justice and compensation. A client's status as an immigrant, with or without documentation, has no bearing on whether we take a case or how hard we'll work on it. The law is quite clear on this: Access to our courts is not affected by one's immigration status. Cases are won and lost only on their merits, not where a person was born.