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Product Liability Verdicts and Settlements

Our firm has secured significant jury awards and settlements for clients injured in workplace accidents

$10 million verdict on behalf of a young man in his late 30's who, while at work, in a paint mixing machine, was caused to have his arm amputated when a co-worker turned the machine on activating the mixing mechanism that was not properly interlocked

In a groundbreaking workplace accident case, a New York jury decided the manufacturer of a defective meat grinder must pay $1 million to a butcher whose right hand was amputated in an accident involving the machine. New York State's highest court and a federal court of appeals agreed that the manufacturer was partly liable for the injury because it had failed to place a warning label on the grinder instructing operators to use a protective guard. As a result of this case, accident victims throughout New York have substantially greater rights against manufacturers of hazardous products.

Trolman, Glaser & Lichtman won $325,000 in damages for a wine-bottling factory employee severely injured on a defective corking machine. The manufacturer of the machine, an Italian company, appealed the verdict. On appeal, New York's highest court ruled that foreign companies are not exempt from complying with United States safety standards if they market or distribute their products within our borders.

A bagel store worker who had part of his finger amputated by a defective bagel cutter secured a $900,000 settlement from the manufacturer. The machine lacked important safety guards.

Although prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome, the dedication and experience of our attorneys have produced an enviable record of verdicts, jury awards and pretrial settlements that amount to more than One Billion ($1,000,000,000.00) dollars.)

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