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Malpractice Verdicts and Settlements

Our clients have won substantial awards and pretrial settlements for injuries suffered in medical malpractice. "Two sons of a woman who died of starvationafter a gastric-bypass operation have been awarded more than $16.8 million in damages for their loss."

$3.5 million settlement for a woman in her late 20's due to failure of her physicians to diagnose cervical cancer even though she had clinical symptoms and lab tests indicating the possibility of cervical cancer.

$6,900,000. A baby exposed to tuberculosis was not treated, resulting in meningitis and brain damage. The baby’s family members were treated, but the baby was improperly felt to be too young to receive medication. The child, now 7, remains institutionalized.

$775,000. Treated for tuberculosis, a 57-year-old woman received medicine known to have risks of causing liver failure. The doctors charged with her care failed to closely monitor her blood work. She died. The retired seamstress left behind a husband and two adult children.

$5 million dollars. Diana Silva was born in 1993 as a twin. Both she and her sister are beautiful young girls. When she was 2.5 years old, Diana’s doctors failed to diagnose a compression of her spinal cord that led to her partial paralysis. Diana has been able to go to school and have some normal life but will be impaired forever.

A Westchester County infant who was brain damaged at birth due to the negligence of his doctors won a $3.75 million settlement prior to trial. The boy will require medical care for the rest of his life. He is expected to receive payouts over his lifetime of $4.86 million.

An 8-year-old girl with spina bifida received a $1.75 million settlement. She was left paralyzed from the waist down after surgeries to release a tethered spinal cord and correct her spinal scoliosis.

A client who sustained a spinal cord injury obtained a $2,225,000 settlement from a chiropractor who performed a spinal manipulation and the hospital that rendered unacceptable care following the injury.

A young boy whose spinal cord was severed during surgery at Kings County Hospital was given a $3 million settlement. The doctors failed to safeguard the child's spine while he was undergoing surgery to relieve a blockage in a shunt in his head. The shunt had been placed in the head to treat symptoms related to a previously existing congenital condition. The money will be paid out of a trust to care for the child for the rest of his life, with preservation of his Medicaid benefits.

A malpractice case against Elmhurst Hospital was settled with a $1 million award to a young woman whose kidneys were failing. Because the hospital did not diagnose and treat her condition aggressively, she is now a candidate for a kidney transplant. Had the woman been treated appropriately, the suit claimed, these complications could have been avoided.

Wyckoff Heights Hospital and several union plan doctors settled a case brought by a woman who had not been notified of a positive mammogram for 9 months. The case alleged that because of the delay in treatment, the woman had a 25 percent increase in the chance of the spread of the breast cancer.