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Lead Paint Poisoning Verdicts and Settlements

Jury awards and settlements for lead poisoning victims

We have secured millions of dollars in damages for clients to compensate them for illness and injury caused by lead paint.

Settled a case for $1,000,000 in Bronx County involving a child who was four years old when he was diagnosed with a very high lead level that required him to be hospitalized. He had previously been diagnosed as autistic and was attending a special school when he was diagnosed. Lead paint violations were issued for both the apartment where he was living and the school he was attending. Both the school and the building owner contributed to the settlement.

A Kings County case on behalf of 4 siblings was settled for $1,400,000. All of the children had some form of academic problems although the 2 oldest siblings, who were twins, had these problems well before the lead poisoning occurred in the defendant's building.

An action involving twin boys was settled in New York County for the sum of $940,000. One of the boys had a very high lead level and the other a relatively low level. However, both of them were experiencing significant academic and language delays.

$2.5 million dollars. A pre-school child was hospitalized for medical treatment for her lead related illness. Her parents, from the Dominican Republic, had moved into a Bronx apartment where lead paint was found after coming from the Dominican Republic. She is attending a special school for children with learning disabilities.

A 19-year-old boy received a $2.5 million settlement after being poisoned at age 2 in a building owned by the City of New York. The boy, who was found to have had a lead level of 99, was left back in school, spent years in special education, and failed to complete high school.

A jury awarded $1.36 million to a 5-year-old girl who suffered severe learning disabilities because of lead exposure. The child had eaten paint chips containing lead and was found to have an elevated blood lead level of 31.

$1 million dollars. A pre-school boy in the Bronx was awarded a settlement against both the owner of the building where he was living, and the building where he sometimes stayed with his grandmother. He developed problems with language and attention.

$725,000. A one year old girl living in her uncle’s apartment in Manhattan, was diagnosed with an elevated blood lead level of 22. The owner of the building was twice issued violations for the presence of lead paint in the apartment. The child received speech therapy in kindergarten.

A 9-year-old boy with severe learning disabilities obtained a $900,000 settlement. The boy had been hospitalized at age 1 because of lead paint poisoning. $725,000. An infant was living in a single room occupancy building in Manhattan when she was diagnosed with an elevated blood lead level. When the case was settled, the child was attending school in Florida. She is in a regular class, but had problems with reading.

A 2-year-old child who had been hospitalized because of high lead levels obtained a $690,000 settlement. The child had been born with drugs in his system, and the family's landlord claimed that the mother's drug use during pregnancy, not lead ingestion, was the cause of the child's medical problems.

A child obtained a $600,000 settlement for lead poisoning suffered at age 3. Her elevated blood lead levels had decreased dramatically within a week, and the defendant argued that the original reading was probably an error. The child had to repeat a grade in school.

Although prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome, the dedication and experience of our attorneys have produced an enviable record of verdicts, jury awards and pretrial settlements that amount to more than One Billion ($1,000,000,000.00) dollars.)

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