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Construction Site Accidents

$4.9 million dollars. A mother of five, 32, who is a union member and a native of Puerto Rico, was injured on a construction site and suffered multiple back and head injuries when she fell from an elevated cement platform that did not have adequate or proper safety rails. Due to her head injury, she lost her sense of smell.

A 20-year-old man whose leg and back were seriously injured when a wall collapsed, knocking him off a scaffold, won a $3.9 million settlement. The young man underwent several surgeries and rehabilitation but was left with a permanent limp and a deformed foot.

$3.45 million dollars. A 33 year old family man and laborer, recently arrived in New York from Puerto Rico, was working on a scaffold that shifted and collapsed to the ground. He fell 20 feet and suffered multiple fractures to his hip and shoulder. A simple safety belt would have prevented his injury.

A 32-year-old construction worker from the Dominican Republic was awarded a $3.3 million settlement after he fell from a scaffold that was missing important safety devices. The man broke numerous bones, causing complications to his sickle-cell anemia and sexual dysfunction.

$3 million dollars. A 31 year old undocumented family man from Ecuador fell 60 feet when the scaffold he was working on tipped and crashed to the ground. He was not provided with any safety belt or harness. Several broken bones in his upper spine required surgery and extensive physical therapy over several years.

$2.95 million dollars. A 29 year old undocumented roofer from Guatemala, who worked in this country for many years, suffered multiple fractures to his knee, hip and foot when he fell from a roof, due to violations of the New York State Labor Law. His boss ignored safety compliance at the jobsite.

$2 million dollars. Ramiro Polanco, a 43 year old undocumented worker, came from the Dominican Republic with a dream of someday bringing his family to the United States. Unfortunately, he was involved in a construction accident that resulted in severe injury to his legs.

$2 million dollars Ronny Jimenez, 37, was working on a scaffold that collapsed, and he fell 25 feet, causing great injury to his ankle. A native of Costa Rica, Ronny was the sole provider for his two children that lived in Florida.

$879,475 dollars. A 39 year old undocumented construction worker fractured his pelvis and wrists after falling from an unsecured hanging scaffold, more than 20 feet above the ground.

750,000 dollars. An undocumented immigrant who fractured his skull when he fell off a ramp while working at a construction site settled his case.

$750,000. An Ecuadorian immigrant was building a house and fell approximately 20 feet when an unsecured ladder slipped out from under him. There were no safety devices to secure either the worker or the ladder. He suffered a fractured back, heel and knee, requiring two operations.

$495,000. Victor Reyes, 37, an undocumented construction worker from Mexico, fell 25 feet from a scaffold that did not have safety rails. He was not provided with a safety belt or harness. Victor sustained a heel fracture.

$463,000. A construction worker, 33, was not provided with a safe place to work. Standing on 3-foot stilts, he tripped over debris, fell, and fractured his elbow.

400,000 dollars. A 22 year old construction worker fell from the ladder he was working on, badly hurt his hand, and needed surgery.

$400,000. A young immigrant day laborer who fell from the ladder he was working on at a construction site sustained severe lacerations to his hand, requiring surgery.

$750,000. An undocumented, immigrant worker fractured his skull when he fell off a ramp while working at a construction site. The settlement included his lost wages and pain and suffering.

$900,000. Luis Martinez, 46, an undocumented laborer from Columbia, fell 15 feet through an unprotected and uncovered hole in the floor on a construction site where he was working. At the time of the accident, he was married and supporting his children by sending funds to his home country.

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