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Automobile Accidents

$14 million dollars for a woman in her 30's who was seriously injured in an automobile accident due to faulty roadway construction.

$2.5 Million Dollars. A man, 42, was at a holiday sponsored by the local restaurant and tavern owner's association. There was an open bar. It was claimed that the bartenders continued to serve drinks to the individual who was going to drive the plaintiff home even after that individual was visibly intoxicated, a violation of the ''Dram Shop''laws. The person driving the plaintiff home did, in fact, crash his car causing the plaintiff to sustain injuries that resulted in paralysis. The driver was convicted of driving while intoxicated. The plaintiff was in a rehabilitation facility paid by Medicaid.

$500,000. A hardware store owner, formerly a NYC police officer, was sideswiped on the FDR Drive, causing his car to overturn and hit the median. He suffered a fractured neck.

A woman who was struck by a telephone company truck as she crossed the street sustained fractures that required surgery. She obtained a $395,000 settlement.

$375,000. Crossing the street with his mother, a 6 year old boy was struck by an ambulance traveling the wrong direction down a one-way street. His broken leg required surgery. His mother was awarded an additional $70,000 for being in the zone of danger.

$350,000. While crossing the street to go to church, a grandmother, 72, was struck by car making a right turn while the driver was talking on a cell phone. Her fractured knee required surgery.

A 60-year-old Mexican immigrant who suffered several fractured ribs and a punctured lung in a car accident was awarded a $225,000 settlement. $225,000. The family of a 70-year-old retired woman who was living alone was awarded a settlement after she died from the injuries she sustained one month after being struck by a motor vehicle.

$280,000. A Brooklyn delivery man and father of three was involved in an automobile accident while he was working, when another driver attempted to make a right turn from the left lane. His fractured hand surgery and settled his case for $280,000 during trial.

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