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Head Injuries and Brain Injuries

Head injuries are the leading cause of death among young people. The elderly, who are prone to falls, are also at great risk.

Those who survive brain damage are truly fortunate. Though some people manage to recover without permanent damage, brain damage causes lifelong disabilities to many victims. These disabilities may be mild or severe, depending on the severity of the brain trauma and the area of the brain that was affected.

If someone else was at fault in causing an accident that led you or a loved one to suffer a brain injury, you may be able to recover monetary damages through a personal injury lawsuit.

Causes of Brain Injury

Motor vehicle collisions are the leading causes of brain injury in the United States. Motorcycle accidents are also devastating, with high fatality rates.

Others suffer head injuries in pedestrian accidents. Children are most most at risk from careless drivers.

Children are also vulnerable to brain damage because they are disproportionately involved in bicycle and scooter accidents. Though helmets can help protect a child's head, most kids don't wear them.

Another source of brain trauma is contact sports, like football and baseball. A delay in emergency assistance or failure to immediately recognize the severity can further endanger the health of someone involved in a sports accident.

Children suffer head injuries when they fall off playground equipment that is elevated from the ground. In many cases, the equipment was unsafe or was maintained poorly.

If a child was born with signs of brain damage, there is always the possibility that a birth injury caused the problems. Cerebral palsy and mental retardation sometimes result from serious complications of labor and delivery. If the baby's brain was deprived of oxygen or the head was traumatized in some way, the infant could have suffered irreparable brain damage.

In the elderly, falls cause most cases of brain damage. It's especially important that nursing homes and other senior residences be properly maintained and well lit to avoid these accidents.

Your Legal Rights

If someone else's negligence contributed to an accident that caused you or a loved one to suffer a brain injury, you are entitled to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for your losses, such as medical expenses and lost wages.

In many instances, a claim must be made within weeks of the accident. You are advised to seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible.